Spiral Wound Gaskets are suitable for a wide range of operating conditions and can be adapted to suit almost all applications. The gaskets can seal fluid pressures up to 250 bar and temperature range of -200°C to in excess of 450°C.


All RS and RSI gaskets for standard flanges have a 4.5mm thick sealing section of windings and filler material, with 3.2mm thick solid metal guide rings.



Ring type joint style RThe standard gasket choice for RF and FF flanges, with the guide
ring and sealing element made to ASME B16.20/DIN standards.





RTJ style rxThe standard RS style with an extra inner ring fitted, providing an additional compression stop that protects the sealing element from heat and corrosion.
Inner rings are standard on all gaskets NPS24" class 900#, NPS12" and above in 1500#, and NPS4" and above in 2500#. All spiral wound gaskets with PTFE filler material have inner rings fitted.



style bxStyle S gaskets are a sealing element only with a few additional layers of winding strip for use in tongue and groove and male/ female flanges.

These gaskets are also available in oval, obround and diamond shape for valve bonnet and handhole applications.