Type "D" Gaskets


Description: DSC04037

Smith’s LP gasket is a non-critical application gasket designed for electrical flange isolation and sealing applications. This type of kit is recommended for use in raised face/flat face flanges rated up to class 300. LP gasket provides excellent isolation and the rectangular sealing element fixed in a special designed groove makes for effective energized sealing and isolation.


LP gasket retainers are based on high quality GRE laminates, which have excellent dielectric strength, very good mechanical properties and sealing characteristics.  This LP design can easily replace unreliable, failure prone phenolic based gaskets. These gaskets are available in two models such as Raised Race and Full Face, also available in all flange configurations such as ASME, DIN, JIS, ISO etc.


PTFE is the standard seal option however other seal materials are available on request.


Advantages of LP gaskets

  • Excellent sealing solution for low pressure services.
  • Reliable energized seal provides extra sealing.
  • GRE gasket retainer provides excellent insulation.
  • High strength laminates eliminate the risk of failure due to over torque of the bolts.
  • Gasket internal bore extended to match the bore of the flanges to protect the flange face from corrosion and washout.
  • Energized seal which is encapsulated in the groove eliminate the cold flow.
  • Long life, maintenance freedesign.
  • Easy, quick installation, low seating stress required hence less force on the flange and bolts.

All LP gasket retainershave thickness of 3mm and kit consists of full length Mylar sleeve, GRE washer and Zinc coated Steel washers for each bolt; other material combinations made available upon request.

Gasket Ordering Guide

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  • Class
  • Gasket Type – E / F
  • Flange Type
  • Type of Gasket – HP, LP
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