SMITH Gaskets introduce Corrosion Control HP system for high pressure insulation sets.

Traditionally there has only been 1 option for insulating sets for high pressure Ring Type Joint flanges.


The introduction of the Smith Corrosion Control Systems type LP and HP, manufactured in the UAE and Malaysia allow our local customers access to a valuable product manufactured to all international standards and at short notice.


Description: flange-insulation-kitsHP insulation gaskets have been specially designed for critical services to withstand corrosive environments.Apart from the excellent sealing characteristics and superior dielectric properties, HP is ideal for general sealing applications. This gasket is suitable for Raised Face, Flat Face and RTJ flanges in all pressure classes.


HP gasket consists of PTFE spring energized face seal fixed to the isolating laminates, which is permanently bonded to the metal gasket core. Due to the enhanced design of PTFE spring energized seal, HPrequiresless bolt stress to make effective sealing, also the energized action helps to eliminate costly leaks and fugitive emissions.







Inside diameter of the HP gaskets is exactly matching to the flange bore which eliminate turbulent flow and flange face corrosion/washout. This gasket withstands severe critical service condition like vibration, temperature and pressure fluctuations.




Description: pikotek-vcs-gaskets
  • Insulation between dissimilar metal flanges to prevent galvanic corrosion.
  • Flange insulation in conjunction with cathodic protection.
  • Well head isolation from inter-connected flow lines.
  • Mating mismatched RTJ flange to Raised Face flange.
  • Eliminate fluid trap corrosion between RTJ flanges where high CO2, H2S and other aggressive media are present.
  • Eliminate turbulence and flow-induced corrosion between RTJ flanges.
  • Protect against coating impingement on coated flange face.
  • To seal between flanges subjected to vibration.






HP Insulation Kit Characteristics

  • Metal Core
    • Gasket core shall be made by solution annealed SS316L Stainless Steel, other material are available upon special order.


  • Gasket Isolation Retainer
    • NEMA LI 1 - Glass Reinforced Epoxy Laminate Material.


Properties G10 G11
Compressive Strength, PSI 60,000 55,000
Flexural Strength, PSI 66,000 60,000
Tensile Strength, PSI 50,000 50,000
Dielectric Strength, Volts/mil 550 - 600 550
Operating Temperature, 0C Cryogenic to 150 Cryogenic to 180
Water Absorption, % 0.1 0.12
Insulation Resistance, MW 200,000 200,000


Seal Material

Seal elements are specially designed and intended to work as a special barrier through which no contained media or other substance can pass through. Special grooves on the retainer encapsulate the seal and thus hold the seal in place in static. Teflon seal is the standard option which will cover all conditions; helical wounded spring providesenergized spring action and special seal groove minimizescreep or cold flow.



Mylar sleeve is the standard option however GRE and other sleeves can be made available upon request. All sleeves shall be provided with full length, as short length sleeves may not provide the adequate level of electrical insulation protection.

Mylar is the best choice for the standard application as it has relatively good resistance to crushing, cracking, breaking,moreover it is less expensive than the GRE sleeves. Smith does not recommend Phenolic material to be used due to its unreliable characteristics.



GRE washers are the standard option;purpose of the washers is to electrically insulate the nuts from the rest of the flange assembly. Smith offer high quality GRE washers which have more than 60,000 PSI compressive strength and can absorb the flange made up force without fail.


Steel washers are required to prevent the twisting action of the nuts from scaring or gauging the insulating washers. All high quality steel washers shall be supplied with Zinc plating which have high corrosion resistance and mechanical strength. Stainless Steel and PTFE coated Steel washers are available upon request.


  • Size
  • Class
  • Gasket Type – E / F
  • Flange Type
  • Type of Gasket – HP, LP
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