SMITH Gaskets exclusive distributor: Kroll & Ziller

SMITH Gaskets have signed an exclusive agreement to become the sole distributor for Kroll & Ziller's range of metal re-inforced rubber gaskets for low stress flange gasket applications with increased blow out resistance.

Stuart Phythian, General Manager states, "We are proud to have been appointed the exclusive distributor of Kroll & Ziller's full range of rubber gaskets in the Middle East and highlights our efforts to move away from the low quality range of gasket applications with products which offer sustainable and long lasting solutions for industry in the Middle East.

The increased infra-structure development and use of plastic piping throughout the region calls for higher integrity gasket solutions such as the GST range of gaskets manufactured by Kroll & Ziller in Germany.

Traditional rubber gaskets have limitations due to their higher seating stress requirements which means the GST-P design allows much lower seating stress (similar to an O ring) allowing use in lighter flanges and the wider section complete with steel core resists flange rotation & potential blow-out under high pressure.

SMITH hold a complete range of gaskets in stock to cater for emergency shutdowns and fast deliveries from stock"