SMITH Gaskets: Official GORE Distributor

SMITH Gaskets are the authorised distributor in Dubai, Northern Emirates & Oman for the full range of WL Gore's range of sealant products.

A comprehensive range of GORE products are held in stock to support the increased use of applications where chemical resistance requires more corrosion resistant products such as expanded PTFE.

Gore Sealants are among the world's tightest chemically-resistant gaskets. Made from 100 percent expanded PTFE, GORE® Gaskets are suitable for use throughout the entire pH range, except molten alkali metals and elemental fluorine. These gaskets withstand temperatures from -268°C to 315°C (-450F to 600F), making them ideal for both high temperature and cryogenic applications.

The increased demands of low stress gasket applications such as slip-on flanges and Fiberglass (FRP) and Epoxy resin (GRE) pipework provides our customers with an alternative to traditional metal or semi-metallic gaskets with the low seating stress requirements of e-PTFE