Kroll & Ziller Gaskets


The Kroll & Ziller GST range of gasket are metal re-inforced profiled rubber gaskets designed primarily for water quality pipework & therefore manufactured to the highest quality standards. German water quality standards are some of the most stringent worldwide & as such the GST range of gasket materials meet the main certication requirements such as:

Kroll & Ziller

  • TUV TA Luft/ VDI 2440/VDI2200: Low emission seals
  • Hygienic certification KTW for drinking water.
  • Hygiene certification KTW – Cold and warm Water
  • ISEGA – Forschungs-und Untersuchungs GmbH
for flanges which are employed in the foodstuffs sector (NBR & EPDM)

Above certification can be made available upon request.


The GST rubber steel gasket is widely used for low stress flange applications such as plastic & Glass Reinforced Epoxy (GRE) flanges. The novel O-ring profile on the inner diameter reduces the seal surface area & therefore drastically reduces bolt torque requirements, making it ideal for low stress flange applications.
The range of materials has been thoroughly tested by the major German institutions for compatibility with drinking water & foodstuffs. Temperatures from -30°C (NR) up to 200°C (FPM-S) are achievable with the correct rubber selection.
For further information on the Kroll & Ziller gasket range please consult the brochure and contact a SMITH gaskets representative.

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