Kammprofile gaskets consist of metal core (generally stainless steel) with concentric grooves on either side with sealing materials. The sealing layers (depending on the applicable service conditions) can be Graphite, PTFE, or CAF, These gaskets are used mainly with sealing materials to avoid damage to the flange surface areas as it protects the flange surfaces from damage in addition to providing an efficient seal.




Kammprofile Kammprofile gaskets are recommended for use on flange applications that need a very wide seating stress where temperatures and pressures vary. It can resist media pressure up to 250 bar.



Material Temperature - F (C ) Pressure
Min Max PSI ( bar )
Graphite -400 (-240) 850 (455) 5000 (345)
PTFE -400 (-240) 500 (260) 1500 (100)


Kammprofile gaskets shall be made from 3 mm core and the sealing layers shall be 0.5 mm. The core material shall be chemically and thermally compatible with the fluid to be sealed. If possible the core metal shall be the same as the flange material to avoid corrosion or differential thermal expansion.