Sheet & Cut Gasket products


Non-metallic, flat cut gaskets are used by many industries as they can be made to suit a large variety of applications.

As well as providing products cut to recognised industry standards, SMITH Gaskets also provides a custom service for design and manufacture to fit specific applications. Many factors are taken into consideration when helping you select the right product including temperature, application, media and pressure. SMITH Gaskets stock carries a wide range of competitively priced, utility grade gaskets plus gasket styles to meet varying specific applications such as high temperature, low load, high torque and high pressure for many different media. A comprehensive range of rubber, non-asbestos, virgin and modified PTFE, and graphite grades (industrial and high purity) in sheet, roll and cut gasket forms are available in stock.



Non asbestos gaskets are available in the following thickness: 0.4mm, 0.8mm, 1.6mm and 3.2mm.
Sheet size is generally 1500mm x 1500mm (1500mm x 3000mm available on request).
Flat ring gaskets are recommended for class 150# and 300# application.



Smith U-Max Utility grade gasket material. Organic fibres, NBR
Application: Good resistance to water, gases, oils, gasoline/fuels, mild acids and alkalis.
180 oC / 356 F; 40 bar / 356 psi


Smith UW-MaxHigh strength / pressure wire re-inforced. Synthetic fibres, NBR/SBR, Wire re-inforced
Application: Water, gases, gasoline/fuels, excellent dynamic and thermal resistance.
400 C / 752 F; 140 bar/2030 psi


Smith Y-MaxGeneral purpose gasket material. Aramid fibres, NBR.
Application: Good resistance to water, gases, oils & fuels. Approved for BAM (Oxygen);
BS7531 grade Y and WRAS (potable water) and TA-Luft (VDI 2440)
350 C / 662 F; 100 bar/1450 psi


Smith CF-MaxCarbon Fibre, NBR. High pressure / High temperature, ideal chemical and
petrochemical industry material.
Application:Saturated steam, aliphatic (light) hydrocarbons, hot oils, gasoline,
chemicals & refrigerants. Approved for BAM (Oxygen) and BS7531 grade X. 400 oC / 752 F; 100 bar/1450 psi


Smith X-MaxGlass Fibres, NBR. Excellent torque retention, good steam and thermal resistance.
Application:Water, Oils, gases, fuels, organic and inorganic acids. Approved for BS 7531
grade X and TA-Luft (VDI 2440)


PTFEApplication: Acid and chemical resistant. 260 oC / 50 bar.